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Hanoi, premier jour au Vietnam!
Apres notre nuit blanche en correspondance a l'aeroport de Kuala Lumpur (merci Starbucks coffee ouvert 24h/24!), nous voici en Asie du Sud-Ouest!

Hanoi, first day in Vietnam!
After a sleepless night for our correspondance in Kuala Lumpur's airport (thanks Starbucks coffee opened 24h a day!), here we are in South East Asia!


Gros choc culturel apres 3 mois en Inde, a commencer par la nourriture. Pas aussi epicee et des baguettes en plus! Allez Gearoid, il faut s'y mettre parce qu'on en a pour 2 mois et demi.

Big cultural shock after 3 months in India, starting with the food. Not as spicy and you eat with chopsticks! Come one Gearoid, just do it because we'll be doing it for 2 months and a half.


Mais certaines choses ne changent pas, comme etre en sueur toute la journee! Visite de la ville sous la cagnasse, c'est parti!

But certain things never change, like being sweaty all day! So visit of the city under the heat, here it comes!

Le lac Hoan Kiem et le temple Ngoc Son

The lake Hoan Kiem and the Ngoc Son temple


Le complexe dedie a la memoire d'Ho Chi Minh, tres populaire et donc sujet aux visites scolaires:

The whole complex dedicated to the memory of Ho Chi Minh, very popular and thus object of school tours:


- A l'interieur, le mausolee d'Ho Chi Minh:

- Inside, the Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum:


- Le musee d'Ho Chi Minh, qui s'avere etre en fait plus de l'art que de l'histoire, bizarre mais il faut juste s'y faire. (Certains ont eu un peu de mal et n'etaient donc pas au zenith de leur bonne humeur, hein Gearoid?):

- The museum of Ho Chi Minh, that is actually more about art than history, weird but you just have to get used to. Some found it a little bit difficult and weren't thus at the top of their form, hm Gearoid?):


- La pagode Chua Môt Côt, temple boudhiste:

- The one pillar pagoda, buddhist temple:


Fin de la matinee avec la visite du temple de la litterature

End of the morning with the visit of the temple of literature


Puis dejeuner au restaurant Koto, employant des enfants tires de la rue afin de les former aux metiers de la restauration. Excellent, a tous les points de vue.

Then, lunch in the restaurant Koto that hires street's kids and trains them to work in restaurants. Excellent, in every aspect.


Et enfin, soiree a savourer quelques bieres sur une des minuscules tables bordant les trottoirs des rues animees de la capitale...

And finally, we're enjoying our evening in drinking a few beers on one of the tiny tables spread all along the footpath of the animated streets of the capital...


Prochaine etape: dans les hauteurs de Sa Pa, nord-ouest du Vietnam...

Next step: in the mountains of Sa Pa, northwest of Vietnam...

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If you want a knife and fork Gearoid, then we can send to you. Wouldn't wish you to go hungry!!
Must say I was impressed with the pics and story from Calcutta. Pity you didn't tell us when you were arriving there and you could have made known Mona's cousins name. Not to worry.
I hope you appriciate Vietnam. Many did not 30/40 years ago. Take care of yourselves.

by ger

Hello Ger and thanks for all your comments, they made us laugh many times haha!
Hope all is well in Ballynort?
We just arrived in Cambodia and we already have a very good vibe of this country, people here seem to be so genuine and are always smiling!
It's also very poor and has a tragic history, but it seems to be an amazing place.
Send our hello to all the family, we hope to talk to you soon.
PS: Gearoid mastered the chopsticks and can now order something else than soups and fruit juices haha :)

by g-c

Thanks for the comments they are all greatly appreciated. Regarding the knife and fork comment, im way ahead of you, i brought some from home, the chop sticks were just for photos! The Mother Teresa foundation was really amazing, its a bit of a shame we didnt get the name of monas cousin, i mentioned i was from Ireland and they said they have quite a few nuns from Ireland working there. Next time. In hindsight maybe we should have named dropped Ger Buckley :).
Ps. I can now even master soup and fruit juices with chopsticks. Say hello to the Buckleys for us, take care,

by g-c

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